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Reigniting the Flame, Freeing Your Best Self

Ready to reignite your flame and live your best life ever? Join Joan Borysenko, a pioneer in mind-body medicine, Positive Psychology, and spirituality, for a life-changing retreat—and discover who you are under all that stress. Explore what life would be like if you drew your power from the field of great intelligence, what Joan calls […]


Omega at Blue Spirit

The Nutrition for Life Plan with Joan Borysenko Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit Be prepared to relax, reflect, and nourish your whole being as you immerse yourself in mind-body medicine, psychology, and spiritual practices that inform and inspire your journey to joyous, radiant health. Discover dynamic tools to implement a unique Nutrition-for-Life Plan, including […]


Hassle-Free Holidays

Prevention Magazine . December, 2005 Ways to reduce stress and give the season meaning So call me Scrooge. I got to a point several years ago when just thinking about the Christmas-Hanukkah season made me want to run away. Life was busy enough without the shopping, cooking, spending, and partying that these holidays always entail. […]


Rethinking Your Rituals

Prevention Magazine . November, 2006 Sometimes the sanest choice for the season is to revamp your most cherished traditions The first Thanksgiving that my ex-husband and I shared after ending our 25-year marriage was a strange ritual. He brought his girlfriend. I brought my boyfriend. Our two sons brought their girlfriends; our daughter (his biological […]


Stress First Aid

Prevention Magazine | September, 2005 How to find inner peace in mere minutes I was sitting at the computer writing this column when the pungent smell of wood smoke filled the room. It took me a minute to realize that the house was on fire and about 5 minutes more to locate the source of the […]


Meditation and Staying Centered

Meditation and Inner Peace Meditation is hard work. If you’re expecting it to bring instant peace, forget about it. What you get instead is a face-to-face meeting with all the stuff tumbling around in your busy brain. My mind has quieted down some over years of practice, but it can still cover a lot of […]


Beating Stress and Burnout

Inner Peace for Busy People | September, 2003 For Helping Professionals and Others With 4 practical excerpts from Joan’s Book, Inner Peace for Busy People “Remember—your to-do list is immortal. It will live on long after you’re dead.”Joan Borysenko A Stressed Society Comedian George Carlin quipped that he went into a bookstore and asked the […]


Mistakes Are Made in Love’s Service

Inner Peace for Busy Women . February, 2005 My mother was a formidable woman. This story is her legacy, and a lesson about the spiritual art of forgiveness. Whenever I tell it, deep gratitude for the gift of her life takes me by surprise, as if I’m experiencing her soul face-to-face for the very first time. […]


About Joan’s Store

I walked into a used bookstore in Ukiah, CA just before this site was launched. Much to my surprise, the smiling proprietor was Dave Smith, the co-founder of the famous Smith and Hawken company. We got to talking, and pretty soon Dave inscribed a gift copy of his very fine book, To Be of Use, for […]


Spirituality & Inspiration

Love in the Real World Prevention Magazine | March, 2007 The Happiness Habit Prevention Magazine | January, 2007 Rethinking Your Rituals Prevention Magazine | November, 2006 Gal Pals Prevention Magazine | June, 2006 I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now Prevention Magazine | March, 2006 Long-Range Resolutions Prevention Magazine | January, 2006 Hassle-Free […]