Frontiers in Mind-Body Medicine at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

January 15 - 17, 2020

top-pick-sidebarHarnessing the Healing Power of the Mind with Joan Borysenko
In fast-paced world rising with disease, there is no better time to explore the age-old question of how to heal yourself.

Here is a chance to delve deep into your beliefs and see how they affect gene expression, brain function, and therefore your life. With the ancient yogic techniques of mindfulness, visualization, and being aware of awareness itself, you can learn to optimize your body and mind and unleash your true nature of kindness, compassion and unity.

Join one of the the leaders in mind-body medicine as she brings us news of what’s possible, based on decades of experience and research in this emergent field.

Offered as 2 satsangs and 2 workshops (subject to change)

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Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas
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