The Mystic Heart: The Neuroscience and Experience of the “ecstatic spectrum”

May 1 - 2, 2020

NEW – FREE EVENT: On April 18th join the folks at Sophia and me for an online Zoom talk, “Creating Circles of Support”. We’ll talk about how to create personal retreat in your home and also a bit about what we’ll share during the Mystical Heart virtual retreat.  Click here to join us:

Join us in Virtual Retreat from the comfort and safety of your own home for The Mystic Heart:  The neuroscience and Experience of the “Ecstatic Spectrum”

Mystical experience was defined by Harvard professor, Dr. William James, over a hundred years ago. He identified four key aspects: a brief interlude beyond time and space that feels realer than real: ineffable-or impossible to put into words; imparting precious wisdom unavailable by other means; and a gift of grace rather than a result of will. More recently, neuroscientists have studied meditation, mindfulness, flow, awe, enlightenment and diverse aspects of what author and researcher Stephen Kotler has dubbed the ecstatic spectrum. The new field of self-directed neuroplasticity provides simple tools through which temporary states of being can be strengthened and installed as more stable traits. We can become happier, more present and loving, more spiritual, and perhaps more prone to the creative high of flow states that optimize human experience.

On Friday night Dr. Joan will guide you through a fascinating lecture that brings science and spirituality together in a whole new way.

On Saturday you will experience a variety of practices related to the ecstatic spectrum as well as learning simple tools to install good states in brain, body, and behavior. Please join us and get ready for some mind blowing fun and revelations!

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The Sophia Institute Charleston, SC