Blessed Festival of Light

The Festivals of Light are almost here! Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, and Christmas are all expressions of the power of light to extinguish darkness. It has been a difficult year worldwide, and now is the time to stop, exhale and refill ourselves with light. Letting joy and hope rekindle in our hearts may be the most powerful gift we can give to ourselves, our families, and our world in these pivotal times.

I am sending you light, love, and gratefulness for being part of my life, and a thread in the fabric of goodness and kindness that sustains us all. The Season of Light is sacred, but can also be a time of rush and hurry, as we wrap up the old year, plan holiday celebrations, travel, shop, cook…. and all that this season entails.

This year I am committed to pause and reflect to savor the sacred reality of the season. My husband Gordon and I are taking two days of personal retreat December 20 and 21 (the solstice).

We will retrospect the year past, give thanks that we’re still here (a daily practice in our mid-70’s), meditate, pray, journal, take long walks, do a little yoga, and fast from technology.

The solstice is also our 15th anniversary, so a little champagne is in order as well!

If there is a single wish I have for you in this season, it is that you can take at least a day for retrospection, meaning-making, and gratitude.

In preparation for winding down I am finishing up my holiday shopping this week. I wanted to share a couple of my favorite gift ideas with you. The first is my little book, Pocketful of Miracles, A Book of Daily Prayers and Practices that follows the seasons. There is a whole community of people (maybe you’re one of them) that reads this book daily- some for many years now.

And newsflash! Pocketful of Miracles is available now on Audible as well, if you’d like to listen to me reading it to you each morning.

Another great holiday gift is the art of one of my dearest friends, Sara Novenson. She is a mystic, a sage, and an artist of the soul. I met her almost 20 years ago on a visit to Santa Fe. I am now a collector of her art- I have 5 of her paintings, two of her books, and her newest creation- a deck of oracle cards featuring the feminine sacred archetypes that we know as the women of the bible. Sara embodies feminine wisdom, grace, and beauty as does her art. Please check it out here.

But first, here are two snippets from the seed thoughts for the solstice, December 21 (9:19 pm this year) and December 22.

December 21: Peace be with you. The darkest day of the year has dawned, and the Great Medicine Wheel has shifted from the West to the North. We have descended to the deepest levels of archetypal wisdom, and on this day we come to rest. The silence of winter covers the land, and even the waters are still and frozen. Their clarity reflects the purity of heart that we are claiming in this season.

December 22: The time has come for celebration, for the Light has been reborn. The animals feel the stirring of the lifeforce deep within their dens The seeds begin to stir within the womb of Mother Earth, and we know that the cycle of life will continue for another year, Rejoice, for today the time of light is greater than the time of darkness.

Keep the Faith, dear one, and know that you are loved,

In beauty may you walk in 2018

In beauty may you walk in 2018. What can you imagine? That’s the key to forming a strong intention that guides action and calls in help from unexpected places. Magic anyone?

One of my visions for last year was recovering from June’s double hip replacement. I kept visualizing myself hiking with ease. This past week I hiked for hours with visiting family- even scrambled up in the rocks with ease! I keep imagining myself sitting comfortably cross-legged- something my physical therapist wasn’t sure I’d ever do- and tada!!- my body is now relaxing into that posture a little more every day.

Meanwhile, here I am with my husband Gordon and two of our grandkids- Emma and Leo- at the magnificent Plaza Blanca in Abiquiu NM.

10,000 blessings to you for health, love, creativity, joy and prosperity in this New ear of 2018.

Discover what works best for YOU

I had an exciting evening with friends when the fabulous new documentary HEAL showed here in Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago. As a featured “luminary” in the film, I had the privilege of answering questions and interacting with the audience afterwards. The whole evening was a great experience. I am so proud to be in this film and share it with you. It definitely feels like a movement is happening.

The response to HEAL so far has been incredible. Showings were extended in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Fe and tmany of the 130 plus screenings worldwide have been sellouts. Even Kuwait and Sri Lanka!

Some of my good buddies like Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden were also featured in the film. I have to say, they were great! So clear and compelling. The film was very balanced and empowering. Several people at the showing asked if they could buy copies, and I’m happy to say that they are just now being released for sale. What a great gift!

HEAL is available on DVD and all Digital Platforms (iTunes/Amazon/Vimeo)…

and…there are 40 minutes of EXTRAS on the DVD/Digital download.

Get your Digital Download/DVD  here:

In health and with joy,  Joan

Self-Caring in Santa Fe: Early Bird Rate Extended

I have some great news, and also a video invitation to come and join me, and my heart sister Gilah Rosner, for a delicious self-caring retreat in Santa Fe, NM this coming September 13-17.

The retreat is over half full, and to make it easier for you to attend we decided to extend the Early Bird Rate for another two weeks, through May 31st.

The reason? I’ve been so preoccupied preparing for my double hip replacement June 19 (yikes!), that I didn’t get around to putting out much information about the retreat. By the time we get together in the Land of Enchantment this September, I will leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Or at least able to cross my legs again.

Seriously, I’ll be in great shape, back to hiking in our magical mountains, and waiting for you with a grateful heart and strong body. Science rocks, and so does a healthy Body, Mind and Soul connection.

I would, by the way, appreciate any healing energy you might be moved to send for a safe surgery and a speedy, uneventful, and excellent recovery that leaves me strong and flexible.

Want to know what the Self-Caring retreat is all about? Watch this little video invitation I made for you. It was such fun!!

If you want a full description of the retreat, check it out here.

See you in September in Santa Fe,


The almost Bionic Woman, Joan

P.S. In the video I gave the wrong dates… oops… it is indeed September 13-17, not the 12-15.

Two Scientists in the Kitchen

Spaghetti Squash with Parsley Lemon PestoDeciding what to eat has gotten so complicated, it seems you need a scientist in the kitchen. So don’t worry – now you’ve got two! Mostly we are two foodies who want to have fun in the kitchen, then sit down to the sensuous pleasures of leisurely enjoying a beautiful meal. Join me along with my pal, Dr. Gilah Rosner, in my home town of Santa Fe, September 7-11, 2016 for our retreat, “Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, Joyful Eating”. We’ll serve you bite size portions of the latest nutritional science, along with generous helpings of traditional wisdom regarding the preparation and enjoyment of wholesome food. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

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Aging with Sass and Class

Joan was recently interviewed for The Transforming Aging Summit. Listen below:


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