The question is What is the nature of mind itself

An excerpt from Joan’s interview from the ‘Productivity for Perfectionists Summit’ with Deborah Hurwitz. In this 16-min clip we discuss the neuroscience of mind, spirituality and epigenetics – all topics we’ll dive into in our upcoming retreat.

[VIDEO] A special message for my mind-body-spirit community.

In these times of great turmoil, our top priority and our greatest challenge, is to cultivate our own balance and peacefulness. How can we overcome the enormous negativity that surrounds us and seems to worsen by the day?

It is possible to not only survive, but to thrive, no matter what life has in store for us. We do so by learning how to reprogram our minds, our beliefs, our emotions, and our physical health. This is how we become resilient and inspired. This is how we heal.

In my video I share some Positive Psychology, a field I find so inspiring and so helpful for our healing. We’ll be diving in far deeper in Santa Fe, along with nutrition strategies, mindfulness techniques and so much more during “How to Heal – Harness Your Innate Healing Superintelligence”, May 29-Jun 2, 2019

Cultivating awareness. Encouraging small changes. Supporting each other. This is how we heal. And as we heal, we attain harmony within ourselves and with the world.

I’ve dedicated my life to learning the best strategies and tools from science, psychology and spirituality so I can share them with you, my wonderful community of mind-body-spirit explorers. And one of the very best ways we can learn, grow and heal, is do so together for a few days in the joyful companionship of others.

Waiting for you in Santa Fe,

Celebrate a Rainbow of Traditions – Sacred Santa Fe

Let’s celebrate a rainbow of spiritual practices!

I can’t wait to share some of Santa Fe’s most beautiful sacred sites and traditions with you during “Sacred Santa Fe”… a magical adventure in Santa Fe and surrounding areas, December 11-16, 2018.

Here’s a personal invite from my heart ♥ to yours:

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and spiritual ambience of New Mexico during the Season of Light. We’ll travel by day to sacred sites and artists’ galleries including a rare visit to the Pojoaque Pueblo on their Feast Day. There we’ll meet sculptor Roxanne Swentzell for a private gallery tour. Here’s one of her magnificent works of art called “Held”.

We’ll return to IHM retreat center owned by the Carmelite sisters for fabulous food and joyous interactive evenings together. You will have ample opportunity to delight in unique holiday shopping opportunities—affordable and beautiful New Mexico crafts, art, clothing and more.


Give yourself the holiday gift of this celebration of spiritual diversity in the company of like-hearted people… I’m so looking forward to sharing this beautiful experience with you.


Self-Caring in Santa Fe: Early Bird Rate Extended

I have some great news, and also a video invitation to come and join me, and my heart sister Gilah Rosner, for a delicious self-caring retreat in Santa Fe, NM this coming September 13-17.

The retreat is over half full, and to make it easier for you to attend we decided to extend the Early Bird Rate for another two weeks, through May 31st.

The reason? I’ve been so preoccupied preparing for my double hip replacement June 19 (yikes!), that I didn’t get around to putting out much information about the retreat. By the time we get together in the Land of Enchantment this September, I will leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Or at least able to cross my legs again.

Seriously, I’ll be in great shape, back to hiking in our magical mountains, and waiting for you with a grateful heart and strong body. Science rocks, and so does a healthy Body, Mind and Soul connection.

I would, by the way, appreciate any healing energy you might be moved to send for a safe surgery and a speedy, uneventful, and excellent recovery that leaves me strong and flexible.

Want to know what the Self-Caring retreat is all about? Watch this little video invitation I made for you. It was such fun!!

If you want a full description of the retreat, check it out here.

See you in September in Santa Fe,


The almost Bionic Woman, Joan

P.S. In the video I gave the wrong dates… oops… it is indeed September 13-17, not the 12-15.