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Practicing Gratitude

Prevention Magazine . November, 2004 Why being thankful is the secret to a happier, healthier life. One snowy winter’s day several years ago, I decided to take a relaxing walk in the mountain town where I live. Later that afternoon, I was scheduled for a breast biopsy to determine whether calcifications found on a mammogram […]


Of Gratitude, Healing and Mad Dogs

Gratitude: A Way of Life, edited by Louise Hay . June, 1996 The following article was published in another anthology edited by Louise Hay, entitled Gratitude: A Way of Life, published by Hay House in 1996. One clear winter’s day I decided to take a walk in the tiny Colorado wilderness town where I live. The […]


Spirituality, Neuroscience, and Narrative

Discover what it means to be fully human in a program that blends the depths of spirituality, the latest findings in neuroscience, and the power of narrative. In this program, you explore spirituality as an innate state of deep connection and belonging, rather than as a belief system. The positive emotions of awe, compassion, gratitude, […]


Spirituality, Neuroscience, and Narrative: Becoming Fully Human

Discover what it means to be fully human in a program that blends the depths of spirituality, the latest findings in neuroscience, and the power of narrative. Using time honored methods of evidence-based body-mind training—combined with the quintessentially human capacity to create meaning through story—Joan Borysenko helps you learn how to cultivate healthy a mind and joyful presence.


Reigniting the Flame, Freeing Your Best Self

Ready to reignite your flame and live your best life ever? Join Joan Borysenko, a pioneer in mind-body medicine, Positive Psychology, and spirituality, for a life-changing retreat—and discover who you are under all that stress. Explore what life would be like if you drew your power from the field of great intelligence, what Joan calls […]


Omega at Blue Spirit

The Nutrition for Life Plan with Joan Borysenko Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit Be prepared to relax, reflect, and nourish your whole being as you immerse yourself in mind-body medicine, psychology, and spiritual practices that inform and inspire your journey to joyous, radiant health. Discover dynamic tools to implement a unique Nutrition-for-Life Plan, including […]


Hassle-Free Holidays

Prevention Magazine . December, 2005 Ways to reduce stress and give the season meaning So call me Scrooge. I got to a point several years ago when just thinking about the Christmas-Hanukkah season made me want to run away. Life was busy enough without the shopping, cooking, spending, and partying that these holidays always entail. […]


Rethinking Your Rituals

Prevention Magazine . November, 2006 Sometimes the sanest choice for the season is to revamp your most cherished traditions The first Thanksgiving that my ex-husband and I shared after ending our 25-year marriage was a strange ritual. He brought his girlfriend. I brought my boyfriend. Our two sons brought their girlfriends; our daughter (his biological […]


Stress First Aid

Prevention Magazine | September, 2005 How to find inner peace in mere minutes I was sitting at the computer writing this column when the pungent smell of wood smoke filled the room. It took me a minute to realize that the house was on fire and about 5 minutes more to locate the source of the […]