A Personal Invitation from My Heart to Yours

We’ve been so busy getting the The Gifts of Spiritual Memoir together, it occurs to me I didn’t personally invite you. So, check out the short, short video and FAQs below.

FAQs about this workshop…

  • Do I have to be a writer?
    No. Many of the folks who’ve attended the live version of my spiritual memoir class and our first Gifts of Spiritual Memoir have not done any creative writing before.
  • But what if I am an experienced writer?
    Chances are you will find a fresh perspective for your writing of spiritual memoir.
  • Is it only Joan who will be teaching the class?
    Yes! Joan, and only Joan, will be teaching the class.
  • What if I can’t attend every session?
    You can listen to the recording posted on the course site. Joan’s presentation, meditation and writing prompt will be recorded, (not the intimate breakout groups).
  • Is there homework?
    There is an opening exercise to do prior to Lesson 2, and you are encouraged to work on your short, short stories in between lessons.
  • What if I need some assistance?
    There is a support contact you can email, and you will receive Zoom instructions.
  • How do I set up a space conducive to taking an online class?
    There is a page of tips for a successful online experience awaiting you on the course site.
  • Are there any requirements for my participation in the workshop?
    This workshop is for you if you would like to:
    • See your life as a spiritual journey.
    • Immerse yourself in the art and heart of YOUR story.
    • Find the silver linings in old wounds and grieved losses.
    • Meditate and engage in exercises of imagination.
    • Follow the thread of grace that interweaves your past, present and future.
    • Be with me on retreat, without waiting until social distancing is over.
    • Find (and offer) support in the company of like hearted others.
    • Laugh, cry, love, reflect, celebrate and heal in a Vision Quest for our times.

The Gifts of Spiritual Memoir begins Wed, April 21, 1 pm ET
and meets every week through May 26.

I am so looking forward to taking this journey with you!



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