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The Spiritual Art of Memoir: Discovering the Invisible Thread of Grace

March 20 – 22, 2020
Join Joan to reveal the story of your spiritual journey through memoir writing. Allow other like-minded individuals to be your mirror, and come together to make meaning and share the legacy of your life by discovering the invisible thread of grace in your story.

Self-Healing in Santa Fe

May 6 – 10, 2020
Join Joan Borysenko, PhD, and her friend, Gilah Rosner, PhD, for an integrative and personalized approach to your wellness. Our small group retreat will be informal, enlightening, supportive and fun!

Welcome!  As a Harvard Medical School trained cell biologist and licensed psychologist I know that living your best life is a multidimensional process of caring for body, mind, and soul. Come on in and get practical information ranging from mindfulness to neuroscience; from epigenetics to nutrition; and from ancient wisdom to modern psychology.

GraceFull360 is a down-to-earth and up-to-heaven interactive program that will guide you through a full season’s worth of self-reflections, meditations, rituals, healing recipes, herbal remedies and tools for authentic happiness— all integrated to help you maximize the full potential of the bio-energies and spiritual gifts of each season.

Beginning March 21, 2020—the Season of Rebirthing.

Registration now open!

Take a peek at: gracefull360.com

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Listen to Joan read Pocketful of Miracles – a new audio version is available at the following audiobook sellers:

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