Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews of Dr. Borysenko’s Presentations

Kaiser Permanente

“Dr. Borysenko is a wonderful speaker! She incorporates evidence, life stories, and practical tips in a way that is meaningful and inspiring. We could not be happier with her as our keynote.” Carole A. Bartoletto, MA, RD, Kaiser Permanente, Regional Heath Education

Nationwide Better Health

“Nationwide Better Health (NBH) is a relatively new company in the disease management, productivity, and health promotion space. We were seeking a nationally recognized speaker for a forum for both our associates and our customers and business partners. Joan Borysenko was our first choice. What was attractive about Joan was her reputation as a guru in the wellness field and her academic credentials.

In the morning associate session, Joan—with great humor and adaptability—presented on the topic of Stress to Strength to a packed house. We received e-mails from the attendees who felt inspired by Joan’s remarks and her slides. At the more formal business meeting, Joan flexed her message to address the audience interested in data and scientific evidence. One of the thought leaders remarked that, “Joan brought a new perspective on a subject of behavioral health that he had been wrestling with for over a year.”

NBH was pleased to sponsor Joan Borysenko as our featured luncheon speaker and intend to invite her back again and again.”
Arlene L. Reilly, AVP, Nationwide Better Health, Columbus, Ohio

A Woman’s Place, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center

“Joan Borysenko has that rare ability to reach people—no matter where they are on their journey. Her presentations blend science and real-life experiences that leave the audience thinking, laughing, cheering. Joan is a beautiful, gentle spirit with a wisdom for a world so badly in need of healing.”
Kathy Tilot, A Woman’s Place, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center, Green Bay, WI

Susan G. Komen Foundation

“Dr. Borysenko absolutely engaged the audience with her dynamic, thought-provoking concepts wrapped in her wonderful personal anecdotes.”
Jane Callahan, The Indianapolis Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

The Renfrew Foundation

“Joan’s presentation at our conference was outstanding! Her warm presence and the depth of her knowledge were a remarkable combination.

The experiential aspects of the workshop were beautifully woven into the teaching and her personal stories were a gift. Joan is extremely sensitive to the needs of the audience and our attendees left the workshop feeling inspired and enriched.”
Judi Goldstein, LSW, Conference Chair, The Renfrew Center Foundation

Duke University Medical Center

“Joan, thank you for your wonderful presentation. As always, you put your heart and soul in your work, and it shows.”
Larry Burk, Jr., M.D. and Marty Sullivan, M.D.

Russo Communications

“What a smart, informative, interesting and entirely positive speaker Joan is. Her warmth and wisdom come across so well. Listeners can tell they’re in the presence of a good soul and great person.”
Steve Russo, President/Creative Director, Russo Communications

And finally, a last word from Dr. Wayne Dyer

“I have known Joan for over two decades. I said it then, and I say it today—this is the smartest woman I’ve ever known. I urge you to drink in her wisdom.”