A Writer’s Retreat with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

August 31 - September 3, 2015

From the Heart and Soul: Writing Down Your ‘Yes!’

Joan will lead participants into new territory of discovery as we reflect on changes and choices!

From the Heart and Soul: Writing Down Your ‘Yes!’ is an opportunity distinct from any other writers retreat. It is an opening to discover surprising ways to say “yes” to life.

Successful and resilient individuals understand that change is the very nature of life. Change can be an exhilarating process – rather than a daunting one – when we learn to understand its transformative power in our lives. Throughout this retreat you will delve into the wise elements of change. Dr. Joan Borysenko will lead you into exploring your own rites of passage and claiming new possibilities you dare dream. Our wise master teacher will lead us into new territory of discovery relative to the choices we have made and will yet make.

In this writers retreat, you will explore and learn through writing, reflection, inquiry, meditation, movement, sharing and laughter by:

  • Applying the art of writing to create health and happiness
  • Discovering the eclipse of your old, outworn form (however dearly valued), to the dawning of a new and more vital one!
  • Drawing from your own vast creative realm of infinite potential to encounter new ways to say yes” to life!
  • Finding the transformative power of your unique rites of passage!
  • Celebrating extraordinary change you choose for your life!

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To Register: Call Valeria Vogt at 425.615.4919 or Marilyn Loy Every at 360.509.8603


Harmony Hill Retreat Center, Union WA