Regenesis. New Effective Strategies For Optimizing Your Vitality

April 14 - 18, 2016

The ancient spiritual masters spoke of how intertwined and powerful our body-mind and soul connections are. Now, for the first time, you’ll learn to access your inner psycho/spiritual worlds and how to increase emotional balance, resilience, and creativity through old wisdom, inspiring new observations, and dramatic discoveries in the science surrounding our holistic capacities.

Jean Houston combines over 50 years as a scholar, philosopher and educator with her special guest teacher, Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., a renowned author, speaker, psychologist and pioneer in mind/body medicine.  Together they offer important and compelling discoveries on how to support the many levels within you that contribute to a whole, integrated, empowered, healthy and balanced life.  You’ll learn new practices for decreasing stress, opening up your visions, and aligning with the larger story that you are a part of. Through humor, stories and insights, Jean Houston will even share her secrets for her dynamic energy and constant rejuvenation.

You’ll learn how to make the critical changes that will result in new ways of eating, thinking, meditating and re-aligning with your spiritual center.  You’ll also learn the simple techniques for reducing stress, deepening intuition and getting better sleep.  As a bonus, you’ll be shown how to design a personal nutritional system for more vibrant health.

After the Salon, the training will continue over the three months via monthly teleconference calls to help you incorporate the lessons and practices into your daily life.  You will become the student of your own body and spirit, learning how to nurture, re-wire, listen and create ongoing habits for a healthy, happy, balanced life.

Because of the individual attention to each student, space is limited. It’s recommended to register early for this program. 

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