Omega Institute, Blue Spirit 2016

January 16 - 23, 2016

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

The stories we habitually tell ourselves can change our brain circuitry, relationships, and life path—for better or for worse. Our perspectives can elevate life to heaven on earth or drop us unceremoniously into the fires of struggle. In this writing workshop you will have the opportunity to rewrite your own life narrative to reshape the fabric on which your life story is woven and create the harmonious life you long for.

In week 2 at Omega Costa Rica, you can learn to rest in stillness, discover your true self through writing, or experience spiritual memoir as a healing path. Clear your energy to refresh your life, practice rejuvenating yoga or qigong, or unleash your creative potential through ecstatic dance.

Explore the sample workshops in the morning and afternoon, stroll the three-mile-long sandy beach, and then relax and enjoy the exciting evening activities offered at Blue Spirit. Or, you can leave the schedule behind and try an excursion.

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Blue Spirit Retreat, Nosara, Costa Rica