Omega at Blue Spirit

January 7 - 14, 2017

The Nutrition for Life Plan with Joan Borysenko
Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Be prepared to relax, reflect, and nourish your whole being as you immerse yourself in mind-body medicine, psychology, and spiritual practices that inform and inspire your journey to joyous, radiant health. Discover dynamic tools to implement a unique Nutrition-for-Life Plan, including tips for cooking, mind-body meditations, journaling, everyday healing rituals, and a four-week strategy to jump start your new approach to joyful eating and “digesting” your life. Learn why leading-edge nutritional science and ancient holistic wisdom should inform your personal food choices, and experience the Zen of eating—how beliefs, mindfulness, pleasure, and gratitude are as physiologically important as the foods you eat.

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Discover Omega’s Winter Home
Take classes with some of Omega’s top teachers in one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful natural settings—a lush jungle on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Week 1 at Blue Spirit Costa Rica you can explore a contemporary approach to Buddhism, discover the benefits to joyful eating, or develop the art of attention. You also can experience memoir as a healing path, practice rejuvenating qigong or dance, or learn the fundamentals of longevity.

An all-inclusive Omega winter learning vacation at Blue Spirit offers the perfect combination of rest and relaxation, lifelong learning, and inspired living.

Blue Spirit Costa Rica

Blue Spirit Costa Rica

Blue Spirit Retreat, Nosara Costa Rica