9th National Counseling Advances Conference

March 30 - April 1, 2016

This conference addresses the most relevant and cutting edge topics for today’s mental health, addiction and other helping professionals. It offers a comprehensive view and updates along with focusing in-depth workshops to provide participants with skill building in their areas of interest. Just some of the topic areas include: Trauma; Neuroscience and Recovery; Eliminating Self Defeating Behaviors; Loneliness and Addiction; The Art and Science of Resilience; Addictive Disorders and Trauma; The Healing Brain; Co-occurring Disorders; The Heart Connection; Precursors of Change; Where Psychology and Spirituality Meet; Neurobiology of Anxiety; The Power of Story; Mindfulness; Pain & Addiction; Eating Disorders, Ethics and many more.

Joan’s presentations March 30th: The Wisdom of the Heart: Where Psychology, Health and Spirituality Meet and The Art and Science of Resilience: From Surviving to Thriving 

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Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas NV
Contact / Registration:
Lorrie Keip Cositore, 1-800-851-9100 x220, lorriek@hcibooks.com or Stephen Cooke, 1-800-851-9100 ext. 222